The Practice

 Practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture for almost 20 years, Dr. Jim is committed to promoting personal health and wellness.  He is also dedicated to helping people address their wellness needs. The goal is not to treat symptoms but to treat the body as a system and restore it to optimum balance. This thinking is what makes up the foundation of holistic healing and natural medicine.

Dr. Jim's approach to acupuncture is unique to his practice.  He uses a technique similar to "dry needling".  After needle insertion, he manually stimulates a point for a very short period of time then quickly removes the needle.  He has found this leads to optimal results.  He also frequently uses a hand held micro current tens stimulator directly on the needle.  Deep pressure point therapy is added if necessary. This system creates a concentrated area of temporary inflammation along with increasing  blood circulation. This immediatley changes the body dynamics of a patient so they can begin to heal.

Acupuncture  clears out clogged meridians and reroutes blood flow to ailing areas during acupuncture sessions that bridge broken synapses between the mind and body.The doctor inserts hair-thin needles into the skin to target pain at its source and clear away circulatory traffic jams. Having honed his skills in a variety of Eastern medical disciplines, Dr. Kapetanakos employs the same acupuncture techniques on patients that he once used to quell his own chronic pain. These techniques include neuromuscular reeducation, passive resistance, and a targeted “spot-shotting” method designed to address the root causes of ailments such as neck pain, headaches, and sports-related injuries

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